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Pachamama Restaurant: A place of peace and happy veggies

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

How owner Vick Vannucci is changing what Sustainability tastes like

Pachamama Restaurant owner Vick Vannucci waves from the pickup window as she places an order out
Vick Vannucci is also Pachamama's head chef

Stepping into Pachamama is like stepping into an oasis. Green is abundant in the foliage, decor and artwork that transports you to your own section of the Amazon.

Perfect, since the food is a Peruvian-Japanese fusion that's made with ingredients that are sourced locally — either from farmer's markets or her own garden.

I was invited with Camila Badaro Photography to shoot Pachamama's new menu and was lucky enough to eat it after.

The flavors of Pachamama are somehow just as bright as they are in photos.

As a vegan and vegetarian-friendly restaurant, only a few dishes have meat proteins, and all can be subbed out or removed completely.

Not to mention their vegan dishes are more than just salads! The acidity of Peruvian spices blended with the subtlety of Japanese-style cooking means the final dishes are made with little to no oil, which makes the taste so light while the final meal leaves you full and satisfied.

Growing up with Japanese cuisine and my family's cooking, Pachamama puts me back in time to meals that feel comforting without leaving me feeling heavy.

This restaurant sets itself apart from the crowd by not only providing a unique spin on my own comfort foods, but by putting their profits into sustainable business practices.

With a portion of revenue going to local charities and organizations like the San Diego Humane Society, Bee Leaf USA and even Adams Elementary School, Pachamama is teaching the community that giving back means more than just serving nutritious and honest food. It's also about leaving a legacy that teaches others to put sustainability at the forefront of their company.

If you're looking for a place to support small, local and sustainable, choose Pachamama; where giving back is as easy as buying a few empanadas.

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