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I got to shoot with the photographer that inspired me

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Arielle by Amber Mozo

I met Amber Mozo once at an underwater photography workshop years ago. I actually ran up to her after her panel just to ask her questions, and when I asked about her secrets to success, the part I remember most is to "just keep shooting."

So I shot my shot with her when I saw her running a special in LA and I rearranged my schedule to stay with a friend just to be in the same city.

Then, I booked her.

Bikini by Asos

I'm not exactly a go-with-the-flow client. I always have a plan and a vision in mind from the get-go, yet the day of my shoot, I was drawing blanks. I'm usually behind the camera, so being the one in front was new territory and I was only a little terrified.

When Amber showed up, I became a bit starstruck.

Better than most pro photographers, Amber took the shoot in stride. She somehow ran with my no-plan, hardly-prepped-for set and a newfound lack of communication on my end to create beautiful pictures that allowed me to see myself in a new light. Literally.

For Gooseberry Intimates

While I may still cringe at how I handled myself under pressure, at least I can still look to Amber Mozo as an example of grace and creativity as a professional in her own craft.

Mahalo, Miss Mozo.

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Parwoto Budi Susanto
Parwoto Budi Susanto
Dec 17, 2021

May I used to be


Parwoto Budi Susanto
Parwoto Budi Susanto
Dec 17, 2021


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