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Travel Photo of the Week: Oahu, HI

So there is peace at the end of the road.

On another photo mission with Troy. And yet again, it comes with more backstory.

This is what I love about photos: it is one frame in less than a second and there is always so much more behind the photos than it can ever tell.

The night before, I got a call from Troy inviting me on a dawn patrol and another Delight shoot. How can I say no to family?

The only problem was I brought my roommate from Pennsylvania along with me, and the shoot location was a secret local spot. Hilariously, we just told her not to look outside the entire drive there, to which she was more than gracious to comply.

So we showed up at this "secret beach," shot the sunrise, shot some waves, shot each other shooting waves, and then got hella tan.

What was supposed to be a 3-hour shoot turned into an all-day gig, and it wasn't even a paid gig! Who knew I would have this much fun making no money and getting so tossed by waves I would lose every rubber band that was in my hair that day?

In conclusion: this is one of the rare photos that I will not disclose the location, but no one's stopping you from visiting with locals and finding out for yourself!

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