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Travel Photo of the Week: Cabrillo Lighthouse

Sue me, I felt like being a tourist for a day.

San Diego has been having some gloomy winter days and although fog is beautiful, it still makes me gloomy too. Luckily, I got some great friends who chase the sun, and we got a little bit of it for a few hours. They soaked it up and I chased its shadows, because I'm a living contradiction and it's served me well.

Sometimes, I find gems like the one in this shot, where something so cliche is still too good to pass up. The Fibonacci sequence hit a sweet note in my mind and really appealed to the artist in me, so of course I asked my friend to stand in the center while I took the shot.

Despite how perfect the shot and lighting was in real life, the world had to remind me (yet again!) that if you want to preserve something beautiful, you have to work for it.

The shots weren't lining up, the lighting wasn't translating onto my camera, strangers were walking in and out of my line of vision, and the more I tried and struggled, the lower the light got.

Still, after a couple hours of chasing the effects of the sun instead of playing in it, I managed to get a few raw beauties that I can't wait to edit.

Don't be fooled though, it's an unrelenting process every time, so don't be afraid to wait or chase the shot when it doesn't translate right away.

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