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Travel Photo of the Week: Idyllwild, CA

My first time seeing snow!

Here's a tip if you want to travel a lot: make friends.

I'm serious, I wouldn't have had this opportunity without my college roommate offering, completely out of her own curiosity at my seeing snow for the first time. I took a plane out to see her and her family, and they drove from Carlsbad to Idyllwild. I not only got to travel, but I got to experience.

Snow in Idyllwild is pristine for a first-time seer. It fell gracefully and in perfect condition for snowball fights, snow angels, sledding, and just general playtime. It fell in such a way that I needed to take a picture of everything, and nearly ruined my camera in the snow in the process.

Thankfully, not before I got some beautiful shots.

We only stayed for a few days and nights before the Hawaiian in me got sick of the cold, and then it was back down the mountain. But just because I didn't initially appreciate the cold, doesn't mean I wouldn't visit again in a heartbeat. Hopefully this time with real snowshoes and gloves.

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