Learning to Leave

The best way to spot a toxic relationship and avoid one is, unfortunately, to be in one yourself. This is going to be more personal, but I hope that it can reach someone who needs it more than pretty pictures.

I am fresh out of a toxic relationship, and I don't want to hear people say things like, "why didn't you just leave?" or, "why did you ever date that person?" No one asks to be in a damaging friendship, relationship, or situation, ever. And frankly, I did leave that relationship, so I clearly found a way out, right?

Wrong. 75% of people are killed when they try to leave an abusive relationship or when the relationship has already ended. I can can say with clear certainty that I felt most vulnerable and attacked after I chose to break things off. No matter how strong I thought I was, I was always seeing myself how he saw me and how he treated me, and it was the worst time of my life despite how great and happy the relationship was at first.