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Travel photo of the week: Point Loma, California

First, the picture.

Then, everything it stands for.

I moved to California from Hawaii a little over a year ago to university. California's obviously a lot different from home, and it's refreshing to see a different sunset from the ones I've seen for 19 years now. Luckily, I'm still close to the Pacific Ocean and I'm comfortable enough with the tides and waves to make the trek down to Sunset Cliffs at low tide to scope out the views.

Disclaimer: Tides are predicable, but powerful. If you aren't prepared to get wet or washed away you better be really familiar with the tide schedule that day.

This cave was a real treat; I usually saw it when I paddled out to surf but by then it was filled with water. Finding it empty for the few minutes in the day that it was actually available made this moment even more precious...if anyone else got this picture, it could only have been taken between 2 hours in the entire day.

How awesome is this world!

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