How Traveling Saved My Life

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

I was only ever able to value my life by finding pieces of myself wherever I went.

It hurts the broken to move, but when they do, they find pieces of their hearts in funny places. I found mine in Yosemite, and again in the people who went with me.

My job, contrary to popular belief, is not that glamorous. I love it with all that's left of me and all I have yet to find, but it took me so long to get here. I worked an entire summer at a 9-5 job that gave me a bed, a shower, food and money but left me physically and emotionally drained. So no, I didn't always live the life I loved, and I think that's important to know.

Yes, I was absolutely broken by the end of the summer, but I quit my job and met up with an old friend--who I hadn't seen in years--in Yosemite, a place I'd never been before, and set up camp in a site with no running water and a tent floor for a bed.